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Screen Print Pricing



The table below shows run charges per location.

24-47$ 1.58$ 1.81$ 2.13$ 3.07$ 3.74$ 4.51$ 5.19$ 5.88$ 6.57$ 7.25$ 0.15
48-71 $ 1.24$ 1.57$ 1.86$ 2.17$ 3.04$ 3.81$ 4.49$ 5.17$ 5.86$ 6.55$ 0.15
72-143 $ 1.14$ 1.42$ 1.75$ 1.99$ 2.15$ 2.37$ 2.90$ 3.27$ 3.66$ 4.04$ 0.15
144-239$ 1.01$ 1.26$ 1.59$ 1.83$ 1.99$ 2.18$ 2.34$ 2.49$ 2.64$ 2.80$ 0.15
240-359$ 0.94$ 1.16$ 1.47$ 1.73$ 1.89$ 2.08$ 2.24$ 2.39$ 2.54$ 2.69$ 0.15
360-499$ 0.84$ 1.10$ 1.32$ 1.47$ 1.64$ 1.84$ 1.99$ 2.14$ 2.29$ 2.45$ 0.15
500-1,199$ 0.75$ 0.94$ 1.01$ 1.10$ 1.17$ 1.28$ 1.35$ 1.43$ 1.50$ 1.59$ 0.15
1,200-2,499$ 0.60$ 0.69$ 0.83$ 0.92$ 0.99$ 1.09$ 1.17$ 1.24$ 1.32$ 1.40$ 0.15
2,500-4,999$ 0.47$ 0.61$ 0.77$ 0.83$ 0.92$ 1.01$ 1.09$ 1.17$ 1.24$ 1.32$ 0.15
5,000-9,999$ 0.39$ 0.55$ 0.69$ 0.77$ 0.83$ 0.94$ 1.01$ 1.09$ 1.17$ 1.24$ 0.10
10,000+$ 0.34$ 0.50$ 0.65$ 0.73$ 0.79$ 0.89$ 0.95$ 1.01$ 1.08$ 1.14$ 0.10

All colored garments require an underlay which is charged as one additional screen. Flashing is required on all colored garments and on multi-colored prints on whites. An additional Film and Screen is required for the underlay on colored garments.

Garments are bulked packed in a printer's fold. Pricing is based on all goods being received and decorated at the same time.

Per Color/Location
Film / (New Orders Only)$13.00 per color
Screens < 72pcs+$14.00
Screens > 72+pcs+$12.00
Flash ChargeSee above
Ink Change+$12.00
Pre-Production Sample+$25.00
Sorting / Separating+$60.00 per hour, $5.00 minimum
Short Sleeve Print+$0.25
Long Sleeve Print+$0.45
Pocket Print+$0.35
Above Pocket Print+$0.25
Pant Seat Print+$0.35
Leg Print+$0.35
Side Wrap (no seam)+$0.35
Inside Neck Label print+$0.35
Per Piece/Location
Max Standard Print: 15”x17”+$0.00
Max Jumbo Print: 16”x23”+$0.50
Per Color/Location
Stretch/Softhead Ink+$0.25
Metallic Ink+$0.25
All Other Specialty Inksrequest quote
Polyester Garments > 50%+$0.25
Pigment Dyed Garments+$0.25
Jackets/Safety Vests+$0.25
Toddler/Infant Items+$0.15
ART DEPARTMENT CHARGES -See Terms & Condition for Detailed Explanation
Digital Films/Separations/Proofing (New Orders Only)+$12.00 per color/location
Design Creation+$60 per hour, $15 minimum
Vectorize a Bitmap File+$60 per hour, $15 minimum
Edit or Enhance Customer Provided Vector File+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Convert CMYK or RGB to Solid Colors+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Size Artwork to Garment Types+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Proof Edits for Order Changes+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Additional Proofs Requiring Mockups on Multiple Garment Types+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Additional Proofs Requiring Mockups for Each Personalization+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Ink Match to Garment Colors+$60 per hour, $5 minimum
Per Piece or Destionation
Individual Folding+$0.20
Folding & Poly bagging+$0.30
Apply Stickers+$0.10
Apply Hang Tags+$0.15
On Hangers+$0.15
Split Shipment+$5.00
New Shipping Box+$5.00
Custom Sticker+$0.50
5 Day Standard ProductionStandard
4 Day Priority Rush+20%
3 Day Priority Rush+30%
2 Day Priority Rush+50%
1 Day Priority Rush+100%
Per Piece or Destination
Number: 1 color$2.50
Number: 1 color - 3 digits$3.50
Number: 2 color$4.50
Number: 2 color - 3 digits$5.50
Name – Screen Printed$5.00
4 color process (Min. 24pcs)$60.00 per hour, $15.00 minimum. Additional art separation charge. White garments only.
Spot process (Min. 24pcs)$60.00 per hour $30.00 minimum. Additional art separation charge. - Typically charged as an 8-10 color job with associated run, screen, and film charges.
Effective 6/15/2022. Prices subject to change without notice. Please refer to Terms and Conditions page for additional information

Minimum Invoice for ALL ORDERS is $25.00

ALL General Terms & Conditions Apply – see General Terms and Conditions

Artwork Charge: Production ready artwork that is ready to output to film is required to avoid an artwork charge.
Artwork Requirements: To avoid an Artwork Charge we require vector line art in .EPS, .AI, or .PDF format. Make sure there are no bitmap embedded images. Colors should be in Pantone solid coated, no CMYK or RGB. High resolution raster art is also acceptable provided it is layered in a .PSD or .TIF format and it is set to print at 300 dpi at the size needed. Please remember to convert all text to outlines before submitting your files. Failure to convert your fonts to outlines is the single largest factor in artwork errors.
Colored Garments: Garments: All colored garments require an underlay which is charged as one additional screen and film. An additional film and screen is required for the underlay on colored garments. Flashing charges also apply.
Customer Supplied Separations: Separations supplied by our customers will not be accepted as we create our separations specifically to account for our factory work flow.
Dye Migration on Polyester & Pigment Dyed Goods: Dye migration on polyester and pigment dyed fabrics cannot be 100% avoided and USCW will not be responsible for its occurrence. Dye migration is a problem caused when the dye in the fabric of the garment sublimates and turns into a gas. This gas then tries to escape the garment and can get caught up in the ink that is applied to the garment. This can cause the discoloration of the ink. Unfortunately, there is no consistency to when dye migration may occur but is most likely to occur with reds, maroons, kelly green, and darker shades of blue. Dye migration may occur after the ink is cured or in some cases as much as two weeks later. To minimize the likelihood of dye migration, an additional barrier base gray screen is required. USCW cannot control dye migration and is a risk the customer must be willing to accept when printing on any garments containing polyester fibers or garment dyed fabrics.
Four Color Process Printing: This process uses CMYK printing whereby only 4 ink colors are used. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are layered over each other to print a full range of colors. Exact PMS matching is not possible and this type of printing is not a good choice when there are large solid areas of color in the design. Additionally, USCW only prints 4 color process on WHITE shirts. If you require process printing on colors, we can utilize a process called Spot Process. There is an additional charge of $15.00 for art separations when 4 color process printing is requested.
SPOT Process Printing: This is the most common type of color separation and is by far the most popular. Most of the color separations done today are simulated process. Spot Process separations, unlike true process (CMYK) use spot channels and regular plastisol inks to generate a full color image. Spot Process can be printed on white, light and dark shirts. Pricing for spot process is by quote only. This type of work is typically priced as if it is an 8 to 10 color job with associated run charges, screens and films. There is an additional charge of $30.00 for art separation when spot process printing is requested.
Neck Label Printing: Custom neck labels can be printed with a minimum of 6 pieces per size and are priced as a separate print location. You will only be charged one screen and one film for up to 6 sizes. Please keep in mind that neck print will typically show through to the other side of the shirt. This can become especially noticeable when the contrast between the ink color and the shirt color is great.
Old Art Files: Jobs older than 2 years will be destroyed. New films will be required for re-orders over 2 years old.
Ownership of Screens & Films: USCW owns all screens, films, and separation files for output.
Pantone Matching: USCW provides FREE pantone matching within a 90% tolerance. We can make NO GUARANTEE on an exact match of a previously run job without you providing a decorated unit from the previous run, and even then, within a 90% tolerance.
Pre-production Samples: Pre-production samples are the only way to ensure imprint accuracy as it relates to PMS matching of ink colors for screen printing. USCW will not be responsible for slight shifts in colors without a pre-production proof. When requested and paid for as part of the order, USCW will send out two physical samples. One sample can be retained by you and the other provided to your customer. Pre-production samples are charged at a rate of $25.00 per color per location placement. For orders over a thousand pieces we will credit you back the pre-production sample cost on your final production order invoice.
Printing Tolerance: USCW has a printing tolerance of 1⁄2” to 1” in any direction. While all technical means are used to control the printing tolerance, there is inherent variances in the process. USCW will not be responsible for these slight variances in design placement.
Printing on Youth and Adult Garments: Keep in mind that the same size artwork is used on every size garment in your order unless you direct us to change the print sizes. If you direct us to modify the print sizes to accommodate the different sizes within your order your print charges and setup fees will be based as if these are separate and unique orders.
Reaction to Heat: Keep in mind that all garments are exposed to a high degree of heat to cure the ink. This exposure may cause some slight shrinkage to the apparel. Additionally, some brands of apparel use tags that will curl when exposed to heat. These are both risks inherent to the screen printing process that USCW cannot be responsible for.
Unique Locations: Please understand that printing over seams, zippers, collars, or other unique locations can lead to ink buildup, coverage, and consistency issues. This is an unavoidable occurrence related to these unique locations and USCW will not be responsible for these issues and our normal damage allowance will not apply.