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Our Values


First and foremost, in order to earn your business, we offer our clients extremely competitive pricing up front. Second, and more importantly, we help you maximize your Green, while minimizing the Red. Green time is money-making time—the time you spend generating sales. Red time is time that costs you money—tracking order status, following up with suppliers, tracking down lost goods, etc. As we work together, we’ll help you maximize that Green and minimize the Red by providing confidence in our processes and our service. Let US Colorworks shift the Green/Red time balance in your favor by taking things off your “to do” list. We will be there to answer any questions you may have and address all of your needs, all while producing high quality decorated soft goods shipped to you on time. US Colorworks will help to keep your customers happy by exceeding expectations and keeping you informed. You can check the status of each of your orders online, through a dashboard that you can customize for your needs.